"Tommy and James' Southern California Vacation Getaway"

Knott's Berry Resort

Here we izzle, at Knizzle Berry Fizzle.
I thought Disneyland was the 1st, or was it Holiday World?

Supreme Scream from the tower and smog as far as the eye can see.


Montizzle, was running 2 trains today

James is in the pic, can you find him?

Xcelerator is what I came to this hood for!

Love the launch...

and the top hizzle...

Pretty and twisted.

It needs some new paint, but a great ride!

Tommy likey!

My award winning shot of Knott's.

EXCLUSIVE: They are building a new coaster called Silver Bullet AND they are selling shirts that say "Silver Bullet: Coming Christmas 2004"

PP from the Tower

Looks very....Perilous.

Just before the big douching!

"You are going to need two hands, babe!"

We give the Log Flume 2 thumbs up...way up.

You can always depend on Vekoma.

James take a break in a cave. Let it breathe!

No filming allowed on Jaguar...for shizzle!

Later much...we had fun and shizzznizzle!


Next stop, Legoland!