Joyland Fun Park
Great Yarmouth, England

Joyland children's park was park 2 of 3 today.

With this golden ticket, I can ride whatEVA I want deuce!

Spook Express was the first credit at Joyland.

Here is what the coaster looks like. Don't ask what the theming is all about.

The Tyrolean Tubtwist is a Virginia reel type of coaster.

You sit in these tubs, smack the penis statue, and you are on your way.

We fit four peeps in a tub. How kinky.

The Pirate Ship whores had to get this credit.

The final credit at Joyland was the Snails.

Here you can see most of the exciting layout.

Check out those bunny hops.

After leaving Joyland, we walked down the beach on the way to Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach. We passed Wobbly World on the way and found out that it is a favorite stop among pedophiles all over the world.

You can watch little childrens jump on trampolines and stuff.

"Bacon rolls or Magnums....bacon rolls or Magnums....?"

What makes you think we are tourists? Whatever!


On the way to Pleasure Beach, I realized that I forgot my thongs! THANK GOD I found these convenient thong machines. That was a close call!

We found a beer garden where the sinners go to watch beer grow.

Yeaaah, the cake hole.

Next stop, Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach!