Joyland Amusement Park page 4

Most do not know this, but behind Roller Coaster is an acutal power plant that was built with the park.

This thing could run the whole park with no outside power! It needs work now but could still power the entire park and then some.

This path goes to a bridge that crosses a creek leads to the Formula 1 go cart tracks. Behind that land is an additional 15 acres of undeveloped land which isperfect for a water park.

This is an amphitheater where they used to have concerts. This is located in the picnic groves.

I was really thrilled to get to see Mr. Nelson's personal collection of Joyland and other amusement park memorabilia. This is the old marque that used to be above the entrance.

You can see the sign in this pic. Stan said that it was hard to keep up because of hail storms.

These old bumper cars are from Riverside park and newer ones in the back, among other rides.

What a great collection of old signs. I know some ACERs that are drooling right now.

More great stuff!

...and more great stuff!

Even though we did not get to buy it, we are glad that this awesome little park will be saved. Be sure to visit Joyland when it opens again in 2006.
These parks need all your support and besides that, Porkey is starving!


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