Joyland Amusement Park
Wichita, Kansas

James and I visited Joyland numerious times over the past few months and wanted to post some of the photos we took. The park has recently been sold so we are glad to see a closed park saved. The new owners plan to have it open in Spring of 2006.

Joyland is a great little traditional amusement park located in Wichita, Kansas.

It closed in mid 2004 and the owners, Stan and Margaret Nelson were able to buy it back at an auction.

The rides have been mostly taken apart and stored, so they are in good shape.

This is the main concession building located in the middle of the midway.

Here are some water fountains in the park. These little vintage items all over just add to the traditional feel of Joyland.

Joyland is home to a classic wooden coaster called, Roller Coaster, and it has the only remaining fixed lap bars PTC rolling stock.

This is a pic of the train not in operation, while the 2nd is on the tracks and was recently refurbished.

Seat belts were installed on the trains in years past, but before that this bar was all you had to hold on with.

Wow, imagine the airtime!

Roller Coaster was built in 1949 by Herbert Paul Schmeck, and John Allen of the PTC and supervisied by Frank Hoover.

This is the bottom of the first drop and next to it is the hill into the brake run.

This is the drop into the brake run, which crosses a creek along the property.

As you can see, the original slid brakes are still used.

This is a pic of the skid brake mechanism.

This barrel is filled with cement and leeps the skids up for the brake run.

This part of the dog leg layout goes out to the parking lot and around a building that used to be a skating rink.

The lift hill.


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