JAPAN 2008
Yomiuri Land
Tokyo, Japan

Today at the bakery Mark got this mystery pastry and it had effing corn in it!

After that, off to our JR station to catch the train.

We skipped McDonalds this morning...ooh, look at the reflection.

Look out for all the peeps, you might get run'd ova.

Okay, so here we are....now what?

What train do we take Don?

OOOh, lookey, it's one of those vending machine resturants. I want to eat they.

James taking the Priority Seat. Notice the "turn your G D phone off" sign. I love Japan.

I see Land Dog so I think we are here.

Here you can take the cool sky ride to the front of the park.

Here is where you buy your ticket.

It's 200 Yen, which is about $2 each way.

How luxurious.

OMG, what the hell does this say?

Wow, I think this is higher than the one at Ghost Town.

Oh snap! I see Bandit!

(huge pic. Right click and save to view)

I can't wait to get they....hurry!
(huge pic. Right click and save to view)

More cherry blossoms and the staple ferris wheel.
(huge pic. Right click and save to view)

Check out that tall lift hill.
(huge pic. Right click and save to view)

Here we are. Yomiuri Land...two words, thanks.

As you see, the park looked really clean and whatknought.

They had Steve parking in the park.

So yeah, what is the date?

First ride...BANDIT!

I have been dying to ride this coaster since forever!

This was my second favorite coaster on the trip. It was super fast and lots of airtime.

Bandit on Bandit betch, woo woo!

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