JAPAN 2008
Yokohama Cosmo World
Yokohama, Japan

Last place we visit today is Cosmo World!

This is definately a place to visit at night.

They have rolley rides. Their mouse is really high up which makes it scurry
and it spins really fast. Mark and I also rode this without Don and James.

First up is the diving coaster, Vanish!

Mark and I braved this Togo while Don and James waited.

Looks neat diving under water.

It's pretty rough, but some parts are fun. If it didn't have those OTSRs.

This is the part that killed us. It made our restraints even tighter and we could not move.

Their flume looks crae, with lots of track and airtime hills.

We gots to ride the Cosmo Clock 21.

The views should be amazing plus, we have got to ride ALL the ferris wheels.

James will ride this, but not the Togo.

This is your happy crew...except for that one guy..

There is a lot of room in these and each has a heating/air unit.

Here you can see other rides across the water.

I really hope Don's pants stay up.

This would be a cool hotel to stay at but you have a long walk to the train station.

Everything looks so fake, like models or something.

Hi Jeffrey!

This is the Yokohama Landmark Tower, and it's the tallest building in Japan at 970 feet tall.

There is a new car lot next to the dive on the coaster....lol.

I thought I spotted a new coaster.

This shiz is bananas...b a n a n a s.

Looks cute with all the lights and whatknought and whathave you.

You could also go on this ship, if it was open.

So ends this long day. I think James is turning Japanese.

Next stop, Yomiuri Land!