JAPAN 2008
Sea Paradise
Yokohama, Japan

This is something you see on the trains. Sleeping peeps, masks, or reading. Not talking on cell phones or yelling or being loud. Although this girl in the middle had really hairy legs.

Sea Paradise was our second park today.

I was shocked to see a Drunken Barrel ride here like they used to have at SFOG.

Hellz yea...the real reason we are here.

OMG this ride is scary. It's HHUUUGGGE. Some of the sides drop all the way, while others have short stops after the inital drop.

Yeah hi Sean.

It feels like you are jumping out of a plane. On the way down I was like "Ok, we are still dropping, when is this going to stop." CRAE.

They also have this cool Togo.

Surf Coaster was pretty fun and is mostly over water.

Good thing they were running two trains. Not that there was a crowd, but they would not load the first train until the second train was empty.

There is a helix or two on this coaster.

We decide to play the RCDB game again on their sky tower!

This is a pretty long ride.

The whole park has a Sea World feel to it, but with a kick ass drop ride.

There was a marina, and other shows and stuff, but we aint cared.

Here you can see how Surf Coaster is over water. It was getting
really cold when we rode this.

This would be another cool park to spend more time at but we have got one
more place to go after here.

On the way out, Mark tried again to win something at this claw game.
Will he ever? Stay tuned to find out!



James found a hidden Mickey! Yeah hi, you in the back. That is not how you play the claw game. You can't use your own claw...duh.

One more ride on the best drop ride eva!

Ok so here is a traditional Japanese toilet. I did not use it. I mean, how do you anyway?

Here is a handicap urinal. Yes, urinal, which requires standing.

And check this out! Look at all the stuff there is to do in here!
James liked the wet bar next to the sink.

Next stop, Yokohama Cosmo World!