JAPAN 2008
Tobu Zoo Park
Saitama Saitama, Japan

After breakfast, we catch the JR line to Tobu Zoo.

These ads with Tommy Lee Jones were everywhere...lol to his face.

We're here!

I think it's deuce the left.

Don swears that it is just a short walk.

Yeah...no crowds!

Lookey look! Regina looks way hot....for a girl coaster.


Ok so dude, the girls in Japan DO NOT PLAY around when it comes to going to parks. Serial! They wear high heels, short skirts, stockings....they basically dress like they are going to the club. It's crae! We saw this at every park we went to.

Check it, we are ret to ride!

The cherry blossoms looked great.......remember Blossom? What ever happened to her? I know that girl Six went on to play on some WB show.

Look at they cute mascotatories!

Japanese park staple.

This is the coaster I am MOST excited about on this trip!

That says Kawasemi! I think it's suppose to be a humming bird or something?

This coaster looks sswwwweeeeet!

Since it's running, and again, since it's an Intamin, we decide to ride it first.

The lift hill is not very tall.

The trains are pretty short deuce....

...but OMG....this thing is amazing!

This coaster has so much air it's CRAE!

The direction changes just throw you out of your seat!

Check out the back car....sidewayz betch!

Oh yeah, and only lapbars!

Here is a big pic to right click and save. This was my #1 favorite coaster on the whole trip!

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