JAPAN 2008
Tokyo DisneySea
Tokyo, Japan

We have arrived at the bomb-est Disney park ever!

They are celebrating "Spring Carnival" so they gots flowers errrwhere!

See, here some is.

Wow talk aboot a mountain!

We start with the American Waterfront section.

The detail in this park is unbelievable. Seriously, it's CRAE!

I think I see a ship or deuce.

Ohhh snap! Look what I found!

..Seriously? Seriously! Can you believe how awesome this thing looks?!

Looks like another walk-on at Disney!

So this version is not themed to Twilight Zone. This one is around the owner of the hotel, Mr. Hightower...get it? High Tower? Anyway, he collects treasures and whatknought and gets this voodoo doll thing that is cursed and he disappears in the elevator one night.

These paintings are all over and tie in themeing even over at Raging Spirits.

See if you can find us. Hint: We are on the first row.
(click on pic for larger view)

The souvenir shop is themed as the old pool house for the hotel. Notice the 8 ft?

..Looks like Mr. Hightower worked out.

So being a HUGE fan of the movie Newsies, I almost shizzited when I saw this.

Ok so they built a SHIP for the park. Yeah, a ship!

LHOTP shout out!.

It's named after my town, Columbia...woo woo! There are two resturants on board and we will see those later.

Also in the American Waterfront section is this large theater with an old "Big Band" type show all in English.

This theater is HUGE! Oh yeah....QUEENS all up in this show.

Wow, just wow. Next is Mysterious Island!
(right click to save - HUGE pic)

THE BEST ride in the park! Love it love it love it!

No wait...I mean, it takes 5 mins to get to the boarding area.

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