JAPAN 2008
Tokyo Disneyland
Tokyo, Japan

By skipping Fuji-Q, we arrive at Tokyo Disneyland a day early.

I'm so excited

Now this is cool. Once you get off the train, you see this cool welcome center.

..Here you can check into any of the Disney official hotels, EARLY, and they will also deliver your bags to your rooms! How awesome is that? This saves you from storing your bags and having to go back later to check in. I am already impressed!

After we check in, we get our multi-day monorail pass. Yeah it cost extra to ride the monorail, but it's only like about $3 a day.

They also have these cool buses to get around with.

Here is our monorail passes.

And there is the monorail!

..Look fow luxurious! They were designed to meet the standards of the rail system in Tokyo, so they cars are completely open from front to back. Oh yeah, there is no driver in the front also, so it's no prob to get a front "nose" ride!

So Disney!

I love they windows deuce!

Mark studies the map on the way to the entrance to Tokyo Disneyland.

There are four stops on the monorail. This is the stop in front of Disneyland. This is what you see facing the park.

This is what you see on the other side. It's the new Disneyland Hotel and it's awesome!

It's HUGE! It's scheduled to be open in a few months.

I would love to stay hurr next time. BTW, there are more people with tape on the ground camping out for something. We guessed some kind of 25th anniversary day or something.

So we got a 4 day park hopper ticket. It was about $150 and here, you have to visit one park on the first day, another on the second, and then hop on the third and fourth day. This park frequently sells out of these passes, so we were kinda scared it was going to be swamped.

This year Tokyo Disneyland is celebrating 25 years!

Look at all the cool decorations!

Once you enter, you are on "Main Street" that is completely covered. Here it's called "World Bazaar" and since it rains alot hurr, this cover comes in handy.

Here is the end, going to the castle. So cool!

The grass is perfect...looks fake.

They had these cute pics errwhere but if you look close....

...you will see it's Disney cast members.

There they castle is! The area around the castle is GINORMUS! This whole park's streets and walkways are really wide and way big. I guess since it's the most visited park in the world, they need more space for all the peeps.

We are so happy to be hurr!

Hey, isn't JJ suppose to be in this pic?

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