JAPAN 2008
Tokyo, Japan

Since it was raining, we skipped the trek to Fuji-Q and found somewhere to eat. This morning we ate at Denny's! They had crae stuff on they menu.

Mark was able to figure out how to order French toast.

James got a BTL. I ordered what I thought was lasagna, but it was like a meat loaf or something....but it was still good.

We finally got to go to the Adidas store that Mark wanted to go to. He dropped like $85 on a baseball cap! It's sealed up in this bag hurr.

One last look before we head to our new hotel at Disney.

Ok so this part happened like 3 days after we had been at Disney, but after seeing Disney, you would not give two shitz about this place. So yeah, we head to Joypolis.

"Don't be such a deck!"


Look at all they stuff.

LOL....lubey and Pokey.

Across the way is the Rainbow bridge or something...ask Jarsh.

Here is the part of the indoor coaster that comes outside...sort of.

Here is the entrance.

You have to pay like $5 to enter, and then add money to this card for
the rolley rides and games.

This is the only thing I was here for. I think it was like $8?

Look at this. This should have told me it was going to suck. It was sooo rough!

This Halfpipe ride looked fun.

It's like riding a skateboard with two peeps.

You then spin and whatknought.

They also had this...Prison Break! I was curious as to what goes on in this experience.

Leo thos up the dub.

On the way out I FINALLY find some Pineapple Fanta. All I could find thus far was urrange!

James also found a Heineken and what he thought was a lemon tea. He was too happy about the beer to notice it was apple...re re.

Next stop, Tokyo Disneyland!