JAPAN 2008
Nagashima Spaland
Kuwana, Japan

Okay okay, I will get up....just close your crotch! Don checks the train schedules for our first, but his second, or third, Shinkansan. For all you re re's out they, that is a bullet train.

I think James is ready to go also.

I found Japanses uncrustables at the 7-11 deuceday, but it was missing the jelly.

You ain't nothin' if you ain't Gransta!

Here it is.

Quite luxurious. It was about an hour and a half ride to our next stop.

I think we are going to Nagashima Spaland....now with Peter Rabbit!

Wires much?

We are here! I am freakin' stoked.

More cherry blossomatories!

How many entrances are they?

Dude, there is no one at the park. AWESOME!

Here is another GINORMUS double Pirate ship. Check it out in comparison to the normal sized one located here on the water.

Two Japanese staples here at Nagashima.

Wow, a working Intamin drop tower. Only in Japan.

Double mice...a'la Animal Kingdom.

O M G! Could I be more excited?

Hi Matt.

Gawd these lines....baahaaaa!

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