JAPAN 2008
Aqua Stadium
Minato Tokyo, Japan

So I hear there is a cool indoor coaster here at Aqua Stadium.

This place has indoor attractions and junk, and a dolphin show deuce.

They also have a movie theater.

The lights look cool in hurr on they merry-go-round.

So it cost $10 to ride this thing, so it butta be good.

Galaxy Express 999 is an indoor Intamin coaster based on some movie.

It's really themed well, like you are going into a station to take a tour or something.

After Toshimaen, I need a good ride.

The hologram floor was cool.

There was like a 20 minute pre-show. It was sort of like Star Tours but more cool.

Here is the train. There was only lapbars, so I was shocked when we were launched into a vertical loop! You are tire launched into a banked right turn, right into a loop. I was like WTF? It was really cool! Lots of twists and turns, and its all around the indoor pool for the dolphin show. I would have loved to ride it again, but not for $10.

There is also an indoor Pirate ship ride called Port of Pirates.

Another missed Pirate credit. We were hoping to see someone ride, but it was like $8. It's really themed over water, with canon explosions, and fire and stuff. We saw that on a video that was playing there. OH WEELLLL.

On the way back to the station, we passed Tomorrow land. Not as good as WDW.

On the train, I see an ad for Jarsh's rosebud....

...and I get a craving for an Orange Fanta!

We end the evening at our normal spot at McDonalds.

Before we go to bed, it's up to the top floor again for some cool night pics.
(Large pic - right-click and save to view.)

Looks so cool at night hurr.
(Large pic - right-click and save to view.)

Next stop, Nagashima Spaland!