JAPAN 2008
Mukouyama, Japan

So after a fun day at Yomiuri Land, I was looking forward to the next park.
So I guess we are close?

From the train station, it's just a short walk through this town urra.

We stopped at a store and I found these yummy sandwiches with ham and cucumbers! This was as close to Cucumber Pepsi that we would come. It was NOWHERE!

But these sandwiches....look, no crust! AMAZING! I love Japan!

They also had tallboy Coke or Fanta for only 100 Yen.

So anyway, right beside the park was this mess of bikes and a Toys-R-Us. I forgot for a minute that everyone in Japan rides bikes, so if this was an American parking lot, it would be packed with cars, so I did not think that the park would be busy.

So here is the luxurious entrance to Six Flags Over Japan...oops, I mean Toshimaen.

Nice. The most ghetto park has standards.

Sorry Don. I guess that means you are out. Luckily, he had already been here and has all the credits, so he and James shopped at Toys-R-Us and a porn shop, while Mark and I went in to attempt to get our whore on.

Yeah, that is like $40.

This highly themed attraction had a packed que, so he just headed for the coasters.

OMG. Is all that support really necessary? That is a HUGE double pirate ship to the left. One of many missed Pirate ship credits on this trip.

Yeah I know. It's a Corkscrew.

So in a normal park, this would not be a bad line. But here, where they only had ONE person...literally, one person...working the ride, it's over half an hour. They had the same person open the line, load the trains, check the restraints, and then go into the operation booth and start the ride.

Yeah hi Punky BrewsterSon....that is not cute.

So this corkscrew only has those two corkscrews....no loops.

There is the parks shuttle loop, which was closed. Yeah hi.

I hope the next ride is better.

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