JAPAN 2008
Tokyo Dome City & LaQua
Tokyo, Japan

Hey errrbodyyyy! Guess where we be?

We made it to Japan.

And this is the first thing we see.

This was the second. Don was easy to find at the airport.

After getting our JR passes, we caught the Narita Express to Tokyo station.

We finally arrive at our first hotel! Tokyo Dome Hotel! It's the bomb!

We all love the luxuriousness of the glass elevator.

Hurry up and unpack so we can get our credits on!

Look! OMG! I can't believe we are here.

Since Linear Gale was actually running, we decided to get this one before it went down.

BTW, this is a $40 hamburger....yeah hi.

First Japan credit!

Don took a pic of us. I don't know why it looks blurred cause we were only going like 20 mph. LOL...yeah it was slow, but hey....we are in Japan!

Oh wow, they celebrate "On The Rag" day here.....nice.

Ok, so we didn't get Thunder Dolphin until a few days later, so just go with me on this.

Up next, Thunder Dolphin! Looks sweet!

They make you take EVERYTHING out of your pockets on this ride...errrthang.

The views are breathtaking and that alone makes this coaster rock, but we all loved it. The last part with the trick track was a little slow, but dude, you are on top of a building in JAPAN! Get over yourself! This ride rules! My third favorite of the whole Japan trip!

Yeah, this place looks really great at night.

Now we head back over to our hotel.

So amazing looking.

Check out these views from the top of the hotel!

That is where the Yomiuri Giants are playing.

The city just goes on and on!

And our first resturant is McDonalds. Hey, it rules! They are super friendly and the food is awesome. We ate here like 8 times on our trip.

I think James is ready for bed.

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