A beginning to a brand new coaster year!
See my blinging wheels?

Islands Of Adventure &
Universal Studios Orlando

Our first stop in 2005 is Islands Of Assventure! We lizzle this parkizzle.

Homey G is worried people will not believe he likes fish. Alicia joined us on this festive trip.

I know, since it's like cold and shizznit, let's get on a water ride!

Big nips snuck his way on the boat with us, now we will NEVER ditch him!

I got sizzzzoaked?...and I represents the blood....like WHUT!

We like mens that shoot white stuff errrwhere and whatknought.

I am worried....about the amount of jel in Paris' hair!

"Upon being discovered in the bushes, the homosensuals ran for cover."

Joe had a cravin for some toss salad so.....


we went to MYTHOS, which was James' other favorite ride that day.

"No Joe, there is not food on the fork for you to eat and not pay for yet."

Brian ordered the fish platter.......and at Mythos, he ordered a chicken sandwich.

I likes they bathroom tiles.

After we filled our bellies, we decided to go ova to Dueling Dragons.

"hiiiyouwwwaaaaa everybouuuuwaadeeee"

Ohmygod! Bonehead!....LOL....LOL...ELL Oh ELLLL!

The hetrosensuals were constantly tring to find a room to have relations in...pervs.

Islands of Adventure is the shizzznizzle for rizzle!


(p.s. The crappy grainy pictures are courtesy of Brian
and his enoumous .05 megapixel VHS camcorder...THANKS BRIAN!)

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