Holiday World

So yeah, we get to sleep around 1:30 am. We get up at 5:30 am to get on the road by 6:30 am for a 4 hour drive to our next park.

We were needing some energy.

Guess what park we are at today peoples?

Holiday World!

Hi Pat! We are all sober here today!

Ray was super excited cause this was his frist trip EVER to Holiday World....even tho he only lives like 4 hours away. I no rite?

Sean forgot his single rider shirt.

I see you on the video and shizzz.

Time for Ray's fist Raven ride. Ooops, did I say fist? Yes I did.

Time for Voyage. Oh snap.

So we first rode in the back and it was as intense as I remember. Even more so now since it's rougher. We need a free soda break after this.

Grandma killed the cat was the next ride we ride.

..Keith has a billboard at Holiday World. No, not advertising his status, advertising HW's new ride for 2009.

This girl was all "It's a log ride!". LOL

Exclusive construction. Some little kid was saying "This thing is going to take days and days to build!" ell Oh el.

Playing the role of Jarsh today will be Matt.

Time for a new ride credit, the Turkey Lurkey Whirl.

That is one stuffed turkey.

Sean decides to use his power for good and attempt to get us a ride on Blue Flash. His power, however, was useless against no one answering the phone.

We have got to ride again? Ok then.

Oh my God bangs. Let's get soe bangs. Those are such cute bangs. Can I borrow them?

..The front seat was the most "confortable" seat that I rode in.

But watch out for the bugs.

You might get them caught in your "grill."

Yeah, lack of sleep + Voyage = GD I am exhausted.

"What? You want me to meet you guys at Holiday World. Ok, just let me get my bag first. It's such a cute bag."

We rode The Legend deuce.

Representin' GAP up in the H Dub.

Will this make me feel better?

Over at kiddy hell hole I saw these Epcot fountains.

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