Hard Rock Park
"Official Opening Weekend / Bike Week " - Myrtle Beach, SC

Hey errbody. This weekend is the official opening of HRP and so the whole GAP posse heads down to the beach!

James was excited cause he got to drive his new Prius that gets butta gas mileage than his BMW X5 do.

For was excited to read about South Carolina murders.

So here we are at our 4 star, luxurious condo on the beach.

Yeah, the view is ok I guess.

Oh look, there is they Swamp Fox.

Here is a LARGE pic. Can you see Led Zeppelin? Right click to save as and try to find it.

So we got to HRP and found our parking area. I have a special need so this is the stop to park. What is my need? To park close to the entrance.....yeah thanks.

These gates are the most photographed thing at Myrtle Beach, besides Jarsh's rosebud.

Here is the entrance to the loading area to Zeppelin. There are 5 total and there is a slightly different version of the pre-show that plays, depending on which one you go in. I prefer the "buldge" one. You will have to figure that one out on your own.

Oh wow, look who we ran into. Fellow Gappers (East Coast) Mykol and Alan!

I miss Japan!

..Today we decide to check out a show.

It's the Malibu Beach Party.

As you see, it stars lots of fish, just like Sea World.


Yeah hi....you reach boi!

Um yeah, I think this show is getting butta!

More menz and more fish for the str8s.

Wow. Errwhere you look is flipping hotness....

...and flexing .

..This is the best show ever!

It even has qualities that remind me of Showgirls!

Oh oh I wanna ride! And I want to get on that blue thing also!

After the show, Monica pulls out her jumbo economy size chap stick and totally pwnd James little tiny travel size tube.

Look like the baby Swan's got they hatch on since the last time we were here! Aw!

So Mykol and Alan decide to go find a hotel room for the night.

We keep in real and chill in the shade!


So we were so glad HRP set up this VIP area for us to hang out and have cocktails and whatknought, but we decided to check out some of the bike shizznit in the parking lot, and head back to the condo to pick up Don who had been sleeping all GD morning.

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