Hard Rock Park
"ACE Day/GAP Gathering"

So this weekend the GAP crew was hanging out with the CEO of HRP, Steven Goodwin (don't he look like Jim Bakker?) and CCO John Binkowski. They were thrilled that we came.

As all the ACErs gathered for moring ERaT, I see Jeffrey and Brian stroll up.

Dave came out also to represent.

Jeffrey loved the vibration from the bike. He said it was even more powerful than the one he has at home.....no, not a bike.

The PhonehenDge stage is almost complete and looks funky.

They knew ACE was here today, as they blew up they pig on top of Maximum RPM.
(ps, I can make fun of ACE cause I am a member...kthanks)

Yeah, JJ, pull it harder.

I say put a shot tower here, or a Disc-O, or a corndog stand.

Jeffrey likes to experience the park looking through his camera.

You can just waste hours and hours playing with balls. Just ask Brandi.

Group shot # 2 that Doug missed....ohhh welll....baahaaa.

Time for London Cab Ride!

..Speaking of nasty hoochies.....close your curtains!

AWWWW! This is the only little baby swan that is left of all that Jammin' Juliette
had. Here is the whole family including dad, Rockin' Romeo.

"What? They are trying to take the ACE group shot? And whut? We are busy thanks."

So look who is the FIRST person in the front of the line at the buffet! Yeah, you are #2 Dave so don't be hatin' too hard.

Check out all the starving peeps behind us..baaahaaa.

Yum! The food was really good! Seriously, the pizza was awesome!

Notice who got to sit and eat first...WE DID! I like they Polynesianatories resturant.
(you got something on your mouth Dave)

Brandi got JJ a gift! Scroll ova to see what it be!

HRP was awesome! They brought around trays of yummy treats for us.

..Jarsh thinks cause it's small, then he can eat like 20.

Yeah he also bought a piece of cheesecake.

They made roller coaster cakes for two peeps birthday!

So yeah, this is not a joke. Those are two guys (locals I'm sure) having a stroll around HRP in they shorts and boots. Could be the begining of a really hot porn however.

So this is pretty much the only way either of these two guys will EVER get this close to
chicks this hot...EVAR!

Brandi: "Why can't you say nothing?"

So after lunch, we ran over to Maximum RPM cause it opened at noon and we had to get our ride on! They are running two cars full and two empty until they get the amount of circuits they need to be approved for peeps.

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