Hard Rock Park
"Update 2008" - Myrtle Beach, SC

Today I decided to head over to HRP to see what new things they have done before the grand opening on June 2nd. Here is one set of the entrance gates, still missing the lights.

They added these new signs...lol to the church right next to HRP.

I had not seen this side in a while, so yeah...here it is.

I was shocked to see this many people here on a Thursday.

I came in James' Prius cause gas be so high and whatknought.

Yeah hi, too bad you are working Jarsh.

Look at all they pretty flowers they added.

These are new also.

I finally get to check out the ice show.

Here is the opposite view. That stupid cow squirted me.

..The show was really good and full of more hotties for all peeps.

This was being built to hide the lockers over at Eagles.

I love this ride. Here you can see how the foliage and shizz is coming in. This is a nice large pic for you to right click and save as.

Right next to Eagles is this. Now I think that this is going to be another gated entrance to the park cause the pathway leads to a gate.

Here is the end. On the other side is a huge area that I think is where they are going to build the Hard Park Hotel and this will be the entrance for hotel guests. Just what I think.

So tomorrow is the big George Clinton concert, just in time for Black Biker week which starts tomorrow also. There should be a ton of peeps hurr.

They were getting the place all ret and stuff.

They were cleaning all the seats.

..This is the standing room urratories.

Game urra.

Here is one of the hot BMX biker daddy menz with big arms! Heeeeeey!

I spotted a new of these new machines that engraves dog tags, luggage tags, or whatever. Very cute for the pooches.

Over at Lep, I see peeps.

More locker disguises.

So since some peeps don't get what this symbol comes from...

...it comes from this. Thanks.

Don't hate cause I got re-rides without getting out of the train. Thanks.

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