Hard Rock Park
"Soft Opening" - Myrtle Beach, SC

After Ford put on something new and sassy, we went into the new Hard Rock Park
during it's soft opening.

What is a soft opening? No, not Jarsh's rosebud. It's when the park opens to the pubic and tests out the rides, etc., before the official grand opening.

I am really excited about having a brand new park in my backyard!

Their annual passes are valid for a year from the date of purchase, not just the year
you buy them. Coolness!

Here is a map of the park. On the back are all the shows and junk that is going on today. Looks like maps are printed daily, and they also give you trivia about what happened
today in rock history. Again, coolness.

They have a candy store right at the entrance. You know we gots to go.

They have anything you want....


Coffee anyone? I did not try it but will have deuce next time.

"Here we are now. Entertain US" betch.

..The entrance is very nice and spacious. While they are working on the theater, they have
put the park models inside.

The entrance is a guitar and as you see, they gots a fountain deuce.

The small details are what is cool here.

Here is you a LARGE pic to right click and save.

After a quick pee pee break, it's off to discover the park.

To the right is the first section called Cool Country.

This ride was not open yet, but I liked the jeep tracks in the cement.

Just a Swinging was open, and it features the double seats like the ones at DW.
Yeah, you say double, I say large ass.

..First credit, Eagles Life in the Fast Lane!

I am excited aboot this one cause I loves the mine train rolley rides.

Very nice new Vekoma trains!

The sound system is great on this ride.

I think Karen found Jesus! He was hiding behind the couch.

On the first lift, you get a nice view of the lagoon.

Look at all the fun!

The second lift is taller than the first, and the second part of the coaster is also faster.

Be sure to check out the cool "rats effect" when you come back through the loading station into the second lift. It's kinda like the part on Expedition Everest when the Yeti rips up the track before the large drop. This coaster is going to be a big hit, especially with families with kids. The employees are good also...SCREAMING and saying stull like "Did you have kickass ride??!!!!" Loved it!

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