Hard Rock Park
Backstage Tour Preview!

Today I was invited to the super secret Backstage Tour of the Hard Rock Park.

There was going to be a super secret concert today also, starring Sister Hazel.

Mount Rockmore greets you as you enter.

"The Hermit" statue....sweet.

They also have the Magical Mystery Tour bus there.

Here is an overview of the entire park and all the different sections.

First up is Rock & Roll Heaven!

Led Zeppelin The Ride is the star attraction in this area.

This B&M will be 155 ft tall and feature 6 inversions!

The ride will have sit down trains loaded with speakers blasting Led Zeppelin.

Here you can take a virtual ride and check out the music in sync with the coaster.

James Brown stained glass, that he signed before he died.

Also in this part of the park will be a wet/dry water park area.

Here you can see some of the water features.

One of the many resturants in the park.

Next section is Cool Country.

Midnight Rider will be the star attraction here!

This will be a mine train type of coaster.


Here you can see some of the souvineers.

More custom flat rides.

Yeah for swings!

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