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Here is an overview of the whole park.

Enter the water park,

This was the childrens area.

Two of the slides from the mountain.

Here are the cliff jumps.

This is the pool for the cliff jumps.

This stairway lead to the observation area under the pool for the cliff jumps. It's completely flooded. Totally creepy.

These two speed slides were way cool.

Under the rock and into the pool.

This is the view from the speed slide.

Empty wave pool.

The pool is loaded with chairs and garbage.

This view from one of the slides.

The bushes are taking over.

As you can see, there is plenty of room on the island for more attractions.

The lazy river.

Entrance to the water park offices.

The old Wendy's.

Stacks of loungechairs.

Childrens area.

Bye Mr. Crab.

Thank you for visiting.

This is the que building for the antique car rides.

The garages and stables for the cars and horse rides also.

This sign just sits in the middle of nothing. The Pro Shop must have been torn down.

Here is where a Merry-Go-Round used to be.


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