Myrtle Beach Extravaganza!
Hard Rock Park

Myrtle Beach, SC

So with the Pavilion closing this year, Derek decided to fly down and get a visit, plus rack up on some new credits! First stop of the day was the site of the new Hard Rock Park

Welcome to the very first Hard Rock Park construction tour EVER!

The land around this lake will soon be home to the new Hard Rock Park.

Who knows if the old Fantasy Theater will remain? This is right next to Medival Times.

This looks like some type of pavilion for watching boat races or something.

There were some large buzzards flying around eating road kill.

One final look. Hopefully this will soon be a really cool theme park! Some rides from the
Pavilion may end up here as well, but with all the cash that is going into the park, I am hoping for a few really good NEW roller coasters.

Next Stop, Broadway at the Beach!