Ghost Town in the Sky
Grand re-opening Weekend!

This Memorial Day weekend Ghost Town in the Sky finally opened to the public
after being closed for 5 years!

Since many of the rides and attractions were not ready, the admission was only $15.

The chair lift was still being tested when we were at the park on Saturday.

The new chair lift would be running by Sunday but the incline railroad will not be open
until mid-summer.

James was excited that we get to ride a school bus up the steep mountain the the park.

That bus ride was the scurrrriest deuceday!

All the kiddy rides looked brand new.

Tumbleweed is the new name for the kiddy coaster. All the new sinage was up also.

The ride and que looks great. Remember when it looked like this?

The trains looks brand new, and should be open within the week.

The scrambler, now called the Undertaker, was the only adult ride open today. It looks
brand new! Remember when it looked like this?

Before we headed to the Ghost Town section, we got a tour of the mile high ride area.

Round-up, already a Western type name, gets to keep it's name.

This is the highest point of the ride area and was closed off to the general public.

Since I am not the general public, I can go here....thanks.

A new deck is being built around the paratrooper, which looks brand new!

The yo-yo is waiting on the six shooters to be put back in place after being painted.

The new drop tower, renamed from Silver Bullet to Geronimo Drop is now erect....
lol.....and ret to get to droppin'.

This ride will provide an amazing view before dropping you to your doom!

Ft. Cherokee is going though some some remodeling, and once complete, will be home
once again to the Indian Dance show, shops, and games.

No that is not the new train, that is a grill which will be used in the catering area.

This is David King and he is super nice for showing us around again.

Brandi is in luxury overload again, with her VIP tour.

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