Ghost Town in the Sky
Maggie Valley, NC

Today I took Brian to Ghost Town for his first visit since he was like 6 or something.
Check out their new signage at the entrance.

Brian is way excited as you can see.

Yeah, I had other reasons for my visit today so I will just let this picture speak for itself. Let the ball start rolling and let the rumors begin. Say the magic number with will get this later...oh yeah, YOU'RE WELCOME!!!

Don't hate because not only is Brian in my season pass pic, but also a janitor.

The chairlift is working now, so let's get our ride on!

This is much better than that scurry bus ride.

Going up is a really slow ride....

....but it gives you a chance to check out the mountainsssss.

They are in the process of painting the towers on the chairlift.

Here you can see the inspectors checking out Cliffhanger which is scheduled to open next week. David said he was expecting to see the trains arrive today, but it may be tomorrow.

At the top, you board the buses to the ride area.
Ok so see that grandma right there. Yea, she was in front of us at the bottom getting on the chairlift and that little girl, right there on the right, was all scared and Grandma said "Well honey, if I had a Xanax I would give one to ya but I ain't got non wif me!"
No lie...I swear!

The Git - R Done sign has been removed......thank you!

The antique carousel is open now....

...and so is the kiddy coaster!

Oh well, I already have this credit...too bad for you Brian.

Watching it is almost as good as riding it.

It does look sweet and runs great.

Round-Up has it's new loading platform up but was not open today.

Bumper cars....coming soon!

Undertaker running swell still.

This new sno cone stand was just added this week.

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