Ghost Town in the Sky

So today I was going to stop by Ghost Town to finalize some details about the upcoming G3 event, and to also check out those new Cliffhanger trains, when David (the PR guy and one of our biggest fans) asked us to come up and be in the commercial they were shooting today.

The entrance looks really good.

I notice they have some new signage.

Looks like GTITS caught the Dollywood bug. I'm sure they will make a fortune off this.

We headed up the mountain for a quick bite before our call time.
(FYI "call time" is a film term meaning, "When you are to arrive". Us famous actors use stuff like that all the time.)

They also got all new chairlift seats this year.

This is what they did with the old ones. I WANT!!!!

What is that pregnant guy taking a picture of?

Ohhh, that. More on that later.

I guess this extra did not get the memo on "no logos".

Cool new signage for the ride area.

..They just had to drop a lot of cash on this area of the park to reinforce the walls and ground behind it. Once it settles, expect new rides and attractions here. The shooting gallery that was here was moved up to where the bumper cars were suppose to go.

After all the extras signed they releases....

...we started shooting on the merry go rizzzound.

James felt extra butch on this ride.

The Tumbleweed was up next and check out the new landscaping! Looks great!

Jarsh is all "OMG...the camera is on me. I'm going to be a star. What is my
motivation?" and I was all "To go to the gym".

This diva was ready for her close-up already. She also refused to smile, so everytime the train went around I would yell "Jesus knows you are not smiling!"

Yeah, that is a cast on his leg. Don't ask.

..Time to bake in the 100 degree heat on the Scrambler. When we first started, I was yelling to the operator "Are we suppose tobe acting???" and she was all "Not yet!"

Here is where they moved the shooting range.

The Music Hall is now open as well. It's HUGE on he inside and air conditioned!!!!!

This guy had a real wolf up in hurr and he let us pet it...and by pet it, I mean it ate our hand.
II kid, I kid! It was super sweet!

This cute little BBQ place is new also....

...and so is this. Heeeeeey.

Check out this huge pic of the view. That is Maggie Valley down there. Save as to view.

At the very top, Fort Cherokee is now open as well.

I'm sure Ford will love this.

They have a place you can find gold. I know where you won't find any
In Brandi's wedding ring. Oh snap!

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