Ghost Town in the Sky
Construction Tour

With about two weeks before the grand re-opening, the entrance to Ghost Town is going through a lot of changes and upgrades.
(Click on the photos to see acutal size....they are huge)

Here you can see the new brick walkway and where the new ticket machines will go.

This new monument was just placed next to the gift shop.

The new wheels have been added and the new cable will be up in a few days.
The chairs will seat two passangers each.

Part of the mountain was carved out to make way for the new equipment.

This is the wheel at the top of the chairlift. This thing is massive.

The Red Devil is no longer red...or the Red Devil. This is now called Cliffhanger, and it was just finished being painted a few days ago.

The station will be blue and the trains will be red.

Cliffhanger will have new trains designed by Rotational Motion.
They are also refurbishing all of the rides at Ghost Town.

This used to be the Black Widow, which was an indoor scrambler. It will now be a new gift shop and resturant, similar to Cracker Barrel.

Here you can see some of the decorative touches that are taking place all over the park.
This leads up to the old bumper car area from the exit of the chairlift.

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