Cedar Point

Hooorayyy! Matt finally gets the chance to meet ME! We is going to Cedar Points!

Being driven is my preferred method of travel.....and other things.

This mystery dude is joining us deuceday also.

Kalahari is freakin huge! That's a HUGE bitch!

Beware of the parking prices! This sign should be up at SF parks.

This is where Matt creamed his panties. This will be his first time.

We found the new wood for Mean Streak. Aboot time they did something with this thang.

Represent! We is at CP and whatknough.

Hey daddy waiting to buy tickets.

OMG. Single Rider? Yeah, I got that.

Here is another single rider today. Maybe they can team up?

Wow, first ones here! Where do we go first?

..Mav to the Rick! Love they lift!

The new headlights are an amazing feature.

Look who I just randomly ran into.

Here Matt models an empty que line for Millennium Force.

There are the types of wait I am accustomed deuce...being the "big shit" and all.

Matt decides to pass the time in this long que for Wicked Twister by texting some fans.

Is that the ocean?

Wicked Twister/Clowns.

I finally get my MaxAir credit! It's always down when I come hurr.

..The rainbow wheel was looking nice with the erect tower of Wicked Twister cuddled up next deuce it.

Look kids, it's Chris Dizzle. We got a VIP tour of the make-up application area...no, not the one where Matt applies is foundation.

Mom Dizzle. He's got her slaving up in hurr.

Girlfriend Dizzle. She is a huge fan of mine.

Not only is Ruth Ann a great place to meet tricks, but also a haunted character.

This year they are using the old ballroom for the characters to get ready in.

Shelly needs to Proactiv Solutionsatories.

After one more ride on MaxAir, we decided to get some food.

McD's betch .

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