So today we begin our coaster day like any other day.... celebrating 50 years of KENNY ROGERS!!!

I just LOVE they eggs in a basquet!

Here we are at SarahWinds. Steve is a big Perez Hilton fan!

"So I was all...whatever! I will use all the puff paint! I have GOT to look amazing for Carowinds!"

So Zach and Duane start off they whorin' at light speed, while we wait on Chris to get his Borg...or Thunderwhatever credit.

Brandi passes time by texting people she hates. Is it you????

Jarsh needs more pics of Borg!

" I bet this one will look good in a frame!"

"Awww, I miss they Smurf Island!"

Oh no, the flying monkey in a chair has little Dorothy!

So yeah, the coaster is bleeding for Scarowinds. Nice themeing Cedar Fair!

.."I wonder how many credits Zach and Duane gots by now?"

Hi Ms. FaceHead.

So that guy in the denim shorts...that is Chris. He has been to Japan. Serial!

Who she? Oh it's Mykol!

"See, I have lots of credits in Japan."
No, he was hooking him up with his number.

Wicked Clowns....not so much.

So let's go check out the new tracking on Thunder Road.

The entrance is next to the Icee Trailer.

Calm your ass's just a boomerang.

..Steve was quite excited to be on Thunder Road. Chris, not so much.

Brandi left her teeth in the station, so she would not drop them.

I think the ride looks better like that.


Wow, so the ride is waaay smoother and has lots of air!

Above that roach nest, you can see more exclusive track shots!

This was the longest line of the day for Carolina Inverted Coaster.

Maybe Carowinds will add fire effects to it and pretend it's a new ride?

I like ya'll goggles.

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